Russian State
Standard PVC



PVC compound is a thermoplastic material intended for the manufacture of insulation (I) and protective sheaths (O) for wires and cables.

Plastic has individual names, according to Russian State Standard GOST 5960-72, consisting of letters and numbers, for example where:

The plastic according to its performance must comply with the standards indicated in the table.

The color must correspond to the control sample approved in the prescribed manner.


Soft containers of "Big-Bag" type - 550 ± 10 kg.

Another type of packaging is applicable to ensure the safety of the product during transportation if requested by the customer.

At normal temperatures PVC does not emit harmful products in concentrations dangerous to human body and is not explosive. With prolonged exposure to elevated temperatures (170 ± 5) ⁰С, evolution of hydrogen chloride is possible.


PVC can be transported by any means of transport with protection from direct sunlight and precipitation. Containers and vehicles for transportation must be dry, clean, odorless.


PVC should be stored indoors, excluding direct sunlight at a temperature of 5 to 35 ° C and a relative humidity no more than 80% at a distance of not less than 1 m from heating appliances.

Joint storage of products and organic solvents, acids, chemicals interacting with plastic is not allowed.


Russian State
Standard PVC


Halogen free
compounds (HF)



PVC compounds
for injection

Oil and petrol
phtalate free
lead free
chalk filled

PVC for extrusion
of molded products

Low fire hazard
PVC compounds

Low toxicity
of combustion