Research and production enterprise OOO Polymerholding was established in 2010 due to expansion of the product range and business diversification of Polymerplast plant which is focused mainly on mass production. OOO Polymerplast was founded in 2003 based on Polymerplenka plant in the city of Dorogobuzh, Smolensk Region. Over the years of production development complete re-equipment of the enterprise with new high-tech extrusion lines was carried out.Total production capacity of the two enterprises is up to 5000 tons per month.

Main focus of Polymerholding plant is made on development of new composite materials, mainly in cable industry, and has its own well equipped experimental and production laboratories. All cable PVC compounds manufactured by Polymerholding LLC are characterized by high adaptability and stable physical and mechanical properties, thermal stability and are convenient for processing on various cable equipment saving up to 15% of electricity when processing PVC compounds on a cable line.

The Chemical research center established by OOO Polymerholding currently employs doctors of science, candidates of science and a number of graduates from leading chemical universities in Russia. Thanks to their continuous research in development of innovative recipes, we are able to offer a wide range of compounds. Production is certified according to quality management system ISO 9001: 2015.


High quality

Quality management system ISO 9001:2015 is implemented since 2016. All compounds are made in accordance with the requirements of technological regulations and regulatory documentation. Individual recipes can be developed based on provided parameters.

Production laboratory has a vast range of testing equipment to measure quality indicators of PVC compounds such as - oxygen index, fragility temperature, volume resistivity, strength and elongation at break before and after aging, mass loss, water absorption, density, hardness, thermal stability, melt flow rate, etc.

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Member of Honest Position Association

We are a member of Honest Position Association, which  was established for:

  • implementation of measures aimed at achieving compliance of characteristics of electrical products presented on Russian market to what is declared in their specification;
  • implementation of measures to combat illegal trafficking of imported electrical products on Russian market;
  • detection and prevention of violations in order to counter corrupt behavior in electrical equipment sales.
In our work we have always been guided by the principles of honest business conduct, open dialogue and flexibility in solving tasks. By joining Honest Position Association we once again declare our desire to continue go along that path. For us it is a step towards an open market and an opportunity to use our manufactural expertise and chemistry knowledge in development of electrical industry, where most of our customers are.